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Sandy SS-A

Sandy SS-A
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Machine à Porte


  • Centre d’usinage CNC 3 Axes + 8 axes virtuels contrôlés
  • Ajustement automatique de la hauteur des portes de 26” à 96”
  • Découpe dans les portes de métal, de PVC et de fibre de verre
  • Possibilité de découper deux panneaux deux "side-lite"
  • Mesurage automatique de la largeur, épaisseur et déflection de la porte avant la découpe
  • Machine compacte et sécuritaire favorisant une réduction majeure du bruit
  • Découpage partiel de la porte en profondeur
  • Machine spécialement conçue pour découper parfaitement les portes peinturées
  • Moteurs de découpe à vitesse variable
  • Mode de découpe : oscillation, pénétration ou en continu



  • Station d’usinage des trous de pentures
  • Système de lecture code à barres


Capacité pour portes     

Hauteur : 26" à 96"

Largeur : 9" à 42"                                                   

Épaisseur : 1 ¾        

Dimension de la machine 

Hauteur: 11'

Longueur: 4.5' 

Largeur: 12'

Poids : 3 500 livres                                                                                                                                 

Electricité : 480V / 3PH / 15A 

Air : 100 PSI

Vertical Door Machine

The Sandy SS-A is a vertical 3 Axis CNC door machine that won the 2012 Crystal Award Achievement for being the best innovation of the year. It has an automated door height adjustment from 26″ to 96″ and can cut through wood, 22 gage steel, PVC and fiberglass. This door machine will automatically measure the door’s width. The Sandy SS-A is both compact and secure, as it is enclosed and also emits low levels of noise. This door machine is also able to punch to locate the screw holes for the panic bar. The Sandy SS-A is also specially designed to perfectly cut painted doors and will also vary its cutting speed and modes, choosing from: oscillation, penetration and continuous cutting.

It has 3 machining heads: one for surface machining (door lite cut-out); one for multipoint, faceplate and lock-hole machining; and one for hinge machining (OPTIONAL). What makes the Sandy SS-A Door machine so innovative is that it has 3 physical servo motors and a total of 11 virtually-controlled axes, providing better performance at a lower cost. The machine will also detect if the door’s width corresponds with the dimensions that were expected and will notify the operator if a mistake was made, to prevent machining errors. The control interface is especially designed to be used by operators, not just by programmers; it is based on pre-set shapes that make programming the machine easier than ever.

Being vertical saves a lot of space in the workshop and also allows the machining of all the door’s surfaces as it clamps the top and bottom of the door to free up the other sides. Another advantage of being vertical is that cutting through painted doors is made easier as the steel chips falls to the ground instead of being obstructed by the door. This door machine may also cut two sidelites, as the door is in a vertical position.

This machine’s actuators are in a closed environment to protect its moving parts, they are completely protected from dust particles; the linear motion system’s lifespan is therefore extended. This machine also comes with a safety switch to provide an emergency stop, as an added layer of security. This model may also, as an option, be equipped with a barcode scanner. The Sandy SS-A may also receive a batch file (.CSV) with machining instructions to bypass the need to manually enter settings on the console.