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Kathy KS-B

Kathy KS-B
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Machine à Porte


  • Centre d’usinage CNC 3 Axes
  • Découpe dans le métal, PVC et fibre de verre
  • Machine fermée offrant une excellente visibilité, très sécuritaire
  • Programmation de type paramétrique facile à utiliser
  • Découpage partiel de la porte en profondeur
  • Retrait de la retaille par glissade vers l’avant
  • Moteurs de découpe à vitesse variable
  • Mode de découpe : oscillation, pénétration ou en continu



  • Convoyeur d’entrée de 8 pieds
  • Convoyeur de sortie de 3 ou 8 pieds
  • Bascule pneumatique d’entrée et/ou de sortie
  • Bascule manuelle d’entrée et/ou de sortie
  • Gabarit pour usinage d’autres composantes (Jambage, astragale, etc..)
  • Système d’aspiration de la poussière
  • Option d’usinage de panneau de portes de garage

Horizontal Door Machine

The Kathy KS-B is a 3-axis CNC door machine. It can cut through metal, PVC, massive wood, standard wood, fiberglass, and garage door panels. This door machine is able to partially cut the door depth and it has variable cutting speeds. The Kathy KS-B is also able to cut with multiple modes: continuous oscillation, penetration and continuous. The clamping process is done manually by the operator and the entry and exit of the door is also done manually. This door machine is integrated with a trash chute that takes the cut-outs away from the working environment while the machine runs so that the production cycle doesn’t have to be halted to clean up the cut-outs. The Kathy KS-B is adjustable between 10” and 42” wide. The control interface is specially designed to be used by operators, not just by programmers; it is based on pre-set shapes that make programming the machine easier than ever.

It comes with the option of being equipped with an 8’ entry conveyor belt as well as a 3’ or 8’ exit conveyor belt. It is also possible for it to come with a pneumatic tilt mechanism for door entry and exit, or a manual tilt mechanism. There is also the possibility of it coming with a template for machining other components: door jambs, astragals, etc. You may also add an optional dust vacuum system and/or the ability to machine garage door panels.

This machine’s actuators are in a closed environment to protect its moving parts, they are completely protected from dust particles; the linear motion system’s lifespan is therefore extended. This machine also comes with a safety switch to provide an emergency stop, as an added layer of security. This model may also, as an option, come with an industrial dust collection system and can also be equipped with a barcode scanner. The Kathy KS-B may also receive a batch file (.CSV) with machining instructions to bypass the need to manually enter settings on the console.