EuGénie Canada Inc. is a manufacturer developing innovative and high-performance machinery for Door & Window Industry.

Specializing in door cutting machinery and offering a comprehensive and revolutionary line of products, EuGénie has made a place of choice for itself on the market. As it is currently a well establised enterprise, the group is gathering a vast network of reliable, independent and efficient distributors that allows it to offer its high-quality products throughout Canada and all over the world. EuGénie is the reference in automation and machines manufacturing for the doors & windows industry and prioritize professional and flawless after-sales service and technical support that go beyond its clients’ expectations.

Who is « Eugénie »?

The President of the company, M. Richard Chauvette, chose his mother’s name for his enterprise: in addition to have a link with the enterprise’s vocation – which is engineering, ingenuity – this name underlines the founder’s commitment and confidence in his projects and highlights the company’s human aspect, an important particularity for its leaders, employees and clients. Of course, it is also a heartfelt tribute to a great Lady who contributed with her support and confidence for the development of a thriving company. In the same vein, it was decided that each team’s new creation would get a feminine name, as personalized as its design was.

Since its birth, EuGénie Canada Inc. obtained a great success, thanks to a unique and outstanding way of doing things. Genius at your service, the vision of a passion: an ongoing story to watch closely. We invite you to do so.

EuGénie Canada Inc. is seeking for INDUSTRY LEADERS in DOOR & WINDOWS MACHINING.






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