Groupe Eugénie is a group of partners specialized in the industrial machinery business.

The independently-owned businesses network is designed to meet the industrie's full needs. The various group's partners all have one thing in common: experienced staff in specific industrial machinery fields ol expertise.

Whether we talk about EuGénie Canada Inc., an experienced manufacturer, JRC Machinery inc., a worldwide leading distributer or Techno-Pro Expert inc., the industrial machinery maintenance leader, a word always comes to mind: Quality. Groupe Eugenie's quality standards are very high and our partners are committed to meeting these standards for the customers and for the group itself.

To be the best team, we need to surround ourselves with the best specialists in every area. Rather than covering different fields of expertise with the same staff, we take care of the customers by redirecting them within the group to the company that will fully meet their needs. That is Groupe Eugénie's vision. We take pride in the high-end products and services offered by our group's different independent members.

Groupe Eugénie is the garantee of a high quality product, coupled with quality service, delivered by an experienced team in a specialized field.

Groupe Eugénie. United we Stand.


  • Techno-Pro Expert Inc.
    TPE - Ligne usagée - 22 Juillet
    To whom the chance!

    TERREBONNE- July 22nd 2014 - Discover this door machining line... more news

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  • Eugénie Canada Inc.
    Kathy and Anny overseas!
    Kathy and Anny overseas!

    TERREBONNE- July 28th 2014 - EuGenie's success is not limited to the... more news

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  • L'engrenage Inc.
    Ici on récupère!
    We recycle!

    TERREBONNE- October 29th 2013 - Thanks to L'engrenage, recycling... more news

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JRC aluminium and PVC, TPE used line, Kathy and Anny are going overseas!
Discover this machining parlor door available online at Techno-Pro Expert!  Like all other machines available at TPE, this line has been refurbished, cleaned, inspected and tested by our team of expert technicians. It is also covered by our famous 3 months warranty!
JRC aluminium and PVC, TPE used line, Kathy and Anny are going overseas! - http://t.co/TQTWTtSu2L
JRC aluminium et PVC, TPE ligne usagée, Kathy et Anny en mer !
Découvrez cette ligne d'usinage de porte usagée disponible chez Techno-Pro Expert ! Comme toutes les autres machines disponibles chez TPE, cette ligne a été reconditionnée, nettoyée, inspectée et testée par notre équipe de techniciens experts. Elle est aussi couverte par notre fameuse garantie de 3…
JRC aluminium et PVC, TPE ligne usagée, Kathy et Anny en mer ! - http://t.co/aMazh4iioq
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New Canadian Anti-Spam legislation – We Need Your Consent!
Canada's anti-spam legislation is coming into effect on July 1, 2014. If you want to continue to receive newsletters from Groupe Eugénie and it's partners: EuGénie Door Solutions, JRC Machinery, Techno-Pro Experts and L'Engrenage we need your consent.  It will only take 1 minute of your time, just p…
New Canadian Anti-Spam legislation – We Need Your Consent!http://t.co/UeMfLOLCCy
Nouvelle loi anti-spam au Canada – Donnez-nous votre consentement!
La nouvelle loi anti-pourriel Canadienne sera en vigeur dès le premier juillet. Pour continuer de recevoir les nouvelles du Groupe et de ses partenaires: EuGénie Canada, JRC Machinery, Techno-Pro Experts et L'Engrenage nous avons besoin de votre consentement.  Prenez une minute de votre temps et app…
Nouvelle loi anti-spam au Canada – Donnez-nous votre consentement!- http://t.co/NdRhD0Wv8U
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Anny Door Jamb Solution
Alice AH-PP | Patio Door Assembly Table | EuGénie Canada Inc.
Alice AH-PP | Table d'assemblage de volets de porte patio | EuGénie Canada Inc.
Sandy SS-A | Door Machine for Interior and Exterior Doors | EuGénie Canada Inc.
Sandy SS-A | Machine à portes verticale CNC 3 axes | EuGénie Canada Inc.